Asher Dorshimer

Professional Statement: I am a senior at Michigan State University, hoping to receive my bachelors in history education with a minor in English.I’m hoping to teach secondary education, and work my way up to eventually teach as a professor in history. I would also like to follow my passion for writing on the side and try to get some fiction and non fiction works published.

Personal Statement: I enjoy reading, writing, films, hanging out with friends and family, and traveling. I enjoy a good story or adventure, which history is simply one big form of, with colorful characters and epic events and conflicts. I hope to show the parallels between past and present to help predict and insure the future.

If I Could Live In Any Other Time Period: I would go back to April 14th, 1865, and try to stop Abraham Lincoln from being assassinated. I think reconstruction might have gone much smoother, and would hopefully result in less racial institutions developing in the south, and maybe make the country rebuild in a better, possibly more equal way.


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